ETO Nitrogen Systems

PRISM® InertPro Membrane System

• Pre-configured nitrogen system primarily utilized for offshore energy applications

• 2000 normal cubic meters per hour with additional flexibility for higher flows

• Various system setups available including combined N2 and membrane air dryer configurations

PRISM® Nitrogen Membrane System

• Tailor-made to customer specifications based on existing field-proven systems

• Often utilized in onshore and offshore energy applications, FPSOs, and FLNGs

• Customizable nitrogen purity range, up to 99.95%

• Capability to offer multiple N2 flow rates and purities in one system

Applications for ETO Nitrogen Systems

Applications for ETO nitrogen systems include inerting, blanketing, and makeup for LNG heat exchangers; lift gas for oil wells; drive gas for oxygen dehydration; LIN system replacement; and compressor seal gas.

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