Our Offerings

NC1 N2 System
Membrane-based nitrogen generator designed specifically for shipboard use on small to medium sized vessels, as well as LNG tankers of any size.

NC2 Large Capacity N2 System
Membrane-based nitrogen generator designed specifically for shipboard use on medium to large sized vessels, where higher nitrogen flow is required.

Combined N2 & Dry Air System
Shipboard membrane system supplying both nitrogen and dry air.

Global Services & Support
Dedicated team of specialists committed to supporting your membrane system operation.

Advantages of Air Products Marine Systems

Precision from Start to Finish

Precision design and performance from fabrication, commissioning, and startup to long-term service and support.

Flexibility & Longevity

Our membrane-based nitrogen systems are designed to fit your specific production needs, from nitrogen purity to physical system dimensions. Utilizing high-volume, easily accessible parts, we ensure your system runs at peak performance, both now and tomorrow.

Proven Performance Record

Air Products has been specializing in nitrogen generator and dry air systems for the marine industry for more than 40 years. All of our marine systems are put through stringent testing to ensure the highest level of operating performance. More than 1800 ships worldwide are currently using separation equipment based on Air Products membrane technology.

Worldwide Installations

Currently, Air Products has more than 2500 nitrogen gas generators in operation around the world. Of these systems, many represent repeat customers.

Engineered for Lasting Stability

Air Products Membrane Solutions is part of a family of brands with a global footprint based on stability, ongoing innovation, and worldwide support. Our Marine Systems are backed by a long list of quality certifications including ISO certification. We are a preapproved quality supplier for many leading companies across the world.

Membrane Solutions for Marine Nitrogen Generation

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