PRISM® On Board Inert Gas Generation Systems (OBIGGS)

PRISM® OBIGGS membrane separators generate nitrogen to blanket aircraft fuel tanks, which minimizes flammability risks. Membrane Solutions custom designs and builds OBIGGS membrane separators using proprietary manufacturing processes dedicated to aerospace requirements. Trusted by military planes and helicopters, commercial airlines, and business jets, PRISM® OBIGGS membrane separators are manufactured in our AS9100 certified facility to meet strict quality requirements for the aerospace industry, and have a proven track record of quality and reliability, with more than 30,000 units shipped and millions of flight hours logged.

Advantages of PRISM® OBIGGS Separators

Long Lasting

PRISM® OBIGGS separators deliver a guaranteed minimum of 27,000 operating hours for commercial programs.

Quality Assured

Every PRISM® OBIGGS separator is hand tested in our AS9100 certified manufacturing facility.


As light as 16 pounds each, PRISM® OBIGGS separators are designed specifically for the aerospace industry using durable, lightweight aluminum and a proprietary manufacturing technique that reduces product weight.

Critical Reliability

PRISM® OBIGGS separators are engineered to perform in the highest criticality of applications, where safety is paramount.

Configuration Support

PRISM® OBIGGS separators are backed by expert configuration support made possible by collaborative development and more than 30 years of experience in separator sizing and modeling.

Building Membrane Systems?

Our expert engineers can help you identify, design, and implement the optimal membrane separation system for your process or application.