Integrate PRISM® AirDry membrane dryers into your system to remove water vapor from compressed air streams through the selective permeation of water molecules through polymers. There are no moving parts, electrical components, consumable items, or desiccant dust carry-over within the membrane dryers, and they provide silent and uninterrupted operation for a wide range of dew point specifications.  The simple design makes them cost effective with lower maintenance time and expense compared to desiccant or refrigerant dryers. Ideal for remote sites and point-of-use purposes, the oil and gas industry and onboard military aircraft carriers and naval fleets use them for their critical applications.

PRISM® AirDry membrane dryers are assembled and quality tested to ISO 9001 standards in our AS9100 certified facility, meeting strict quality requirements for the aerospace industry, and maintain a demonstrated track record of quality and reliability.


How PRISM® Membrane Dryers Work

Membrane dryers can be described as “molecular filters” where water travels across the membrane faster than other gas molecules.  The permeation of gases is driven by the difference in partial pressure across a thin polymeric separating layer supported on a spongy porous substrate which makes up the core of the membrane. Gases permeate across the separating layer at a rate that is proportional to the driving force and the permeation coefficient. As wet feed gas flows along the high-pressure side (or “feed” side) of a membrane dryer, water permeates across the membrane to the low-pressure side (or “permeate” side). The water vapor content of the feed gas becomes progressively lower as it flows along the length of the membrane dryer, leading to less driving force for permeation. Dry air is injected to aid in driving water permeation. This low-pressure purge gas can then exit the membrane, while the high-pressure, dry product gas continues through the membrane, and exits the bores of the hollow fibers at the end.

PRISM® AirDry Configurations

Air Products offers a variety of membrane dryer options depending upon your application.

PRISM® AirDry Classic
Standard dehydration membrane product.

Temporarily Unavailable

PRISM® AirDry Flex
Includes external sweep purge for additional flexibility.

PRISM® AirDry Force
Designed for extremely high-pressure (1200 PSI) usage.

Advantages of PRISM® AirDry Separators


Each PRISM® AirDry membrane dryer is manufactured using high-performance ABS plastic with aluminum or stainless steel caps, which will withstand even the most grueling environments. Some models are available in 316L stainless steel for corrosive environments.

Proven Technology

Selective permeation technology is a simple passive system with no moving parts, resulting in more reliable products that can be deployed in a wide range of environments, including mobile systems.

Flexible Application

PRISM® AirDry membrane dryers can be mounted vertically or horizontally to meet your design requirements. The purge inlet port is designed with a swivel fitting to allow for various installation positioning. A user-installed orifice or adjustable valve optimizes purge rates and dew points for each application.

Simple Start-Up

Easy commission. No break-in period, expensive media, or complex equipment needed for management and maintenance.

Building Membrane Systems?

Our expert engineers can help you identify, design, and implement the optimal membrane separation system for your process or application.