PRISM® GreenDry

Membrane dryers remove water vapor from biogas streams by the selective permeation of water molecules through polymers. They passively produce dry biogas with no moving parts or electrical components, consumable items, or desiccant dust carry-over. They provide silent and uninterrupted operation for a wide range of dew point specifications. Each separator is PED certified and hand-assembled and tested to ISO standards in our AS9100 certified facility, meeting strict quality requirements for the aerospace industry. 

Applications for Membrane Dryers

Applications for Air Products PRISM® membrane dryers typically fall into two categories:

•Dehydration of non-upgraded biogas in CHP applications.

•Dehydration of biogas streams at mid-process.

Advantages of PRISM® GreenDry Separators


PRISM® GreenDry membrane dryers are manufactured with durable aluminum shells to withstand grueling field environments.

Proven Technology

Air Products pioneered membrane dehydration technology and applied the concept to biogas streams. Selective permeation technology is passive, with no moving parts, resulting in reliable and easy-to-maintain system configurations.

Quality Assured

Every PRISM® GreenDry membrane dryer is PED certified, hand-assembled in our AS9100 certified facility to ISO standards, and passes rigorous testing requirements before it is released into service.

Building Membrane Systems?

Our expert engineers can help you identify, design, and implement the optimal membrane separation system for your process or application.