Integrate PRISM® GreenSep LNG membrane separators into your system to meet biomethane purities that enable direct entry of biomethane into the LNG process. By eliminating the need for intermediate purification technologies such as amine scrubbing or thermal swing absorption (TSA), this innovative design allows for reduced energy consumption, lower capital and operational expenses, and increased bio-LNG yield versus traditional liquefaction strains. The static, robust membrane design allows for a reliable and consistent flow of nearly 100% biomethane to be fed directly into the liquefaction process.  

PRISM® GreenSep

Incorporate PRISM® GreenSep membrane separators into your system to separate CO2 from biogas, generating a stream of upgraded biomethane which can be used for grid injection, local vehicle refueling, or forming LNG.  The PRISM® GreenSep membrane separator can provide high-purity methane up to 99.5% and a recovery range up to 99.95%. Each separator is PED certified, manufactured in the U.S. to ISO 9001 standards, hand-assembled and tested in our AS9100 certified facility to meet strict quality requirements for the aerospace industry, and maintains a demonstrated track record of quality and reliability.

When you purchase a PRISM® GreenSep membrane separator from Air Products, you receive engineering support which includes an application engineering team, membrane separator operating manuals, sizing support, and tools.  Our membrane separators are trusted by a global network of OEMs, with hundreds of systems utilizing our technology.

PRISM® GreenSep Configurations

Air Products offers three sizes and two fiber configurations for flexibility to meet your system design.

PRISM® GreenSep Flow
Used in stages where high flows of upgraded methane are required.

PRISM® GreenSep Select
Used in stages where selectivity (methane recovery) or low-power configurations are desired.

Advantages of PRISM® GreenSep Separators

High Efficiencies

PRISM® GreenSep membrane separators remove carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and water vapor from the production gas with efficiencies greater than 90%.

Size & Selectivity Options

PRISM® GreenSep membrane separators are available in a variety of sizes and selectivities, allowing for fine-tune engineering at every design stage.

Robust Construction

Engineered to operate in harsh environments, PRISM® GreenSep membrane separators are PED certified, and designed to be an extremely durable component in your systems.

Modular Designs

Capacity can be increased or decreased by adding or removing membrane modules from the biogas flow.

Easy Startup

PRISM® GreenSep membrane separators are ready for processing instantly and do not require lengthy start-up or shutdown preparations.

Water Vapor Removal

Water vapor is vented off with the CO₂ stream.

Simple Operation

PRISM® GreenSep membrane separators are passive technology and have no moving parts. Complex system monitoring equipment is not necessary.

Building Membrane Systems?

Our expert engineers can help you identify, design, and implement the optimal membrane separation system for your process or application.