Package your nitrogen generators with robust N2Sep membrane technology that molecularly separates nitrogen from compressed air.  The majority of applications are used to generate nitrogen for use as an inerting gas to eliminate flammable atmospheres or to preserve items that oxidize in air.  Each separator is hand-assembled and tested to ISO 9001 standards in our AS9100 certified facility, meeting strict quality requirements for the aerospace industry.  The performance range for a single membrane is up to 73 normal cubic meters per hour.


PRISM® N2Sep Configurations

Air Products offers a variety of PRISM® N2Sep membranes depending upon your application.

PRISM® N2Sep Flow
Our standard nitrogen membrane used for high volumes of nitrogen.

PRISM® N2Sep Plus
Used for higher product flows or when there is increased cycling of the membranes.

PRISM® N2Sep Select
Used in low-power configurations when the highest selectivity is favored.

Applications for Nitrogen

  • Fuel tank inerting
  • Tire filling
  • Inerting/blanketing
  • Food packaging, storage, and transportation
  • Controlled atmospheres
  • Metals processing
  • Controlled combustion
  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Autoclave inerting
  • Pipeline purge
  • Beverage dispensing
  • Chemical sparging
  • Corrosion prevention

Advantages of PRISM® N2Sep Separators

Quality Assured

Every PRISM® N2Sep membrane separator is built in our AS9100 certified facility to ISO standards and passes our rigorous testing requirements before it is released into service.

Industrial Grade

PRISM® N2Sep membrane separators are designed to handle industrial production loads.  Pressures up to 24 barg (350 psig) ensure that your nitrogen production requirements will be met.

Passive Technology

Selective permeation technology uses a passive system with no moving parts. This allows you to engineer more reliable products that can be deployed in a wide range of environments, including mobile systems.

Simple Start-Up

PRISM® N₂Sep membrane separators are easily commissioned. Simply apply clean compressed air, and production begins.  No break-in period, expensive media, or complex equipment needed to manage and maintain.


PRISM® N₂Sep membrane separators are constructed using high-performance ABS plastic or aluminum shells, which makes them very lightweight. Separators are easily handled by one person, making installation and field service simple.

Building Membrane Systems?

Our expert engineers can help you identify, design, and implement the optimal membrane separation system for your process or application.