Air Products Membrane Solutions Announces $10 Million Investment to Significantly Increase Membrane Production Capacity

High Demand Drives New Production Investments

Air Products (NYSE:APD), the global leader in the production of gas separation and purification membranes, today announced a project to significantly increase hollow fiber membrane production at its St. Louis, Missouri facility.

“We’re excited to announce this investment in our production facility that will deliver substantial capacity and efficiency enhancements to support the growing membrane markets. This project will create additional highly-skilled job opportunities for the market as well as enable us to better support our customers in this dynamic supply chain environment,” said Nick Sillitto, Air Products’ Site Manager of the St. Louis facility.  “Membrane Solutions has been a pioneer and leader in this space for over 40 years. With this investment, Membrane Solutions is well positioned to support its existing applications as well as emerging technologies, for the next 40 years.”

The production improvement project at the facility is driven by strong customer demand in the biogas and hydrogen recovery applications, as well as customer needs for the use of nitrogen for the aerospace industry and dehydration products.

This capacity improvement effort will impact product lines such as the PRISM® GreenDry membrane dryer and the PRISM® GreenSep membrane separator, which provide customers in the biogas industry with dehydration and upgrading solutions that add design flexibility to a customer’s biogas system. The project also increases the production of PRISM® N2Sep membranes, which are the foundation of Air Products’ recently announced PRISM® InertPro Membrane System, a new nitrogen generator for the energy and gas industry that is optimized with a flexible modular design to focus on efficiency and lower energy nitrogen generation.